Tim Hughes


Describe your position and task in one sentence
I’m Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Leadership Associates, we transform companies to become more efficient and effective using social media.  As a business we started in Sales, our Social Selling program will increase incremental revenue by 30% and cut sales cycles by 40%.  We launch our Social Human Resources (HR) module in September, were we transform the world of Human Capital Management (HCM). Our goal will be to re-imagine the whole of the enterprise with social.

What inspires you about your job?
My customers, our associates and resellers / partners inspire me.  I love the way they approach transformation with social and the way we are changing the way the world does transacts and does business.

What is your big challenge in digital transformation?
The fact that people still think the answer lies with a tool - Digital transformation is about your people and your process.

What makes you special - is there a personal commitment or leitmotif to which you feel committed?
My goal is to inspire and activate our customers, our associates and our resellers / partners to make the world a better place through social media.  Don’t forget that “knowing and doing” are two different things.  How role is about activating people to use social media in business, they won’t do this by fact based training, they will find what is required to change from within.