Lisa Hamberg_Ceretai

Lisa Hamberg


Describe your position and task in one sentence
As co-founder of Ceretai I am a pioneer in the development of diversitytech by automizing the process of measuring diversity.

What inspires you about your job?
The opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future by using new technology. The data is already out there, the challenge is to enable the collection of it and to know how to gain insights from it and act on them.

What is your big challenge in digital transformation?
Proving to the big players in the media industry what there is to gain from automation. Everyone wants to be pioneers but few has the will or the courage to invest in it.

What makes you special - is there a personal commitment or leitmotif to which you feel committed?
Meeting the demands of the next generation of media consumers - I want everyone to be able to grow up with relatable superheroes.