JC Oliver

Visionary and Founder 31Flavas (London)

“Globale Ziele erreichen wir nur gemeinsam und mit nachhaltigem Handeln”

“Culture today can encompass everything from the media we enjoy to technology that changes behaviour to simply understanding what makes people tick. This is why D:Pulse is such an important get together of great minds, skill sets and attitudes because when I look across the landscape of marketing events I don’t see anything that is literally taking the digital pulse of the industry. Taking the pulse is so important when the industry is moving and changing so fast and is why D:Pulse is a must attend event that keeps you updated with the latest trends, insights and stories but crucially meeting the people that are nudging the industry every day.”

David “Shingy” Shing

Digital Prophet at Verizon Media
(New York)


“Die wichtigsten Impulse der digitalen Industrie für die Welt von morgen”

“We haven´t necessary seen a popular culture which relates and amplifies the new technology in a way it feels like a moment. The entire industry talks about disruption for years now but it´s the only industry which doesn´t really want to disrupt. There is a moment where we almost come down, Technology is continuing to fragment, but the way we connect with people doesn´t. Here D:PULSE comes into the game!”

Ann Rosenberg

SVP for UN Partnerships and Global Head of SAP Next-Gen (New York)


“Die globalen Ziele erreichen wir gemeinsam oder gar nicht”

„The vision of SAP is to help the world run better and to improve people’s lives through technology. Sustainability plays a critical role in this mission, and we want to support companies in achieving all of the Global Goals. The shared vision with D:PULSE will further expand our network. We look forward to the upcoming events and the active engagement of our strong, global communities.“

Deirdre McGlashan

Global Chief Digital Office, Mediacom
(New York)

“Digital ist der Puls unseres Lebens“

“Digital pulse is such an appropriate phrase to me. We are far past the day when digital was “a thing”, separate and discreet – digital technologies and capabilities underpin almost everything we use, do and communicate through. So digital is the pulse of our lives.”

Bessie Lee

Founder & CEO Withinlink (Shanghai)

“Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg ist Chinas Geschwindigkeit”

“China speed is so much faster than the rest of the world. Chinese brands are really coming out and wanting to expand their global footprint because they know they can not rely on the Chinese market for their business. So D:PULSE could be a perfect platform for them to show up.”

Wilhelmina Jewell Spark

Founder & CIO, Bithouse Group (Berlin)

“Ein Puls ist notwendig um alle digitale Elements zu verbinden.“

“For me D:Pulse is important because as things become more digital, the resources and the efforts being utilized to accomplish this goal must be: innovative, diverse, communicated and scaleable within organizations and beyond. There must be a pulse connecting all of the elements.”

Cindy Chin

NASA Datanaut & CEO CLC Advisors
(New York)

“Die Maschinen werden unsere Jobs vorerst nicht übernehmen”

Philippe von Borries

Founder, Refinery29
(New York)


Marcus John Henry Brown

Creative Mentor & Artist

“I hack conventional business thinking with performance art.”

“My work sits at the intersection of technology, commerce and society. I need it to be seen by the people who are having the most significant impact on the world in which we live. D:PULSE shares this mission. We both want to experiment and play with formats and build new relationships with people who are passionate about the future. We both want to disrupt the way our audiences see that world. ”